Fizziology is the leading social media research firm in media and entertainment, serving studios, networks, production companies, talent and brands.

Through proprietary social media data and applications,we uncover audience trends and insights so our clients can make better, faster decisions. 

Fizziology is a Twitter Official Partner, with full Twitter Firehose access. Fizziology is also a PYLON certified partner, giving us unique access to Facebook data through DataSift. Additionally, we use Tumblr, Instagram and blogs to provide a complete picture of social media opinions.

Our data warehouse contains over 2.5 billion unique messages around films, television, talent and brands – an unparalleled dataset of consumer opinion that our data science team uses to create predictive analytics and industry-leading benchmarks.

We are an international research company covering the following markets: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Spain, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Korea, Japan and Australia.

Created in 2009 by Ben Carlson and Jen Handley, Fizziology is headquartered in Indianapolis with key team members in Los Angeles, Nashville and Louisville and local market expert analysts around the world.


Awareness and Intent Tracking
Fizziology has created the leading social media-based movie tracking product in the business. It is available for the United States, as well as 12 key markets worldwide. It includes 5+ years of comps and benchmarks, social indicators that understand the unique challenges of entertainment marketing, and box office projections. Brand, talent and television trackers are also available.
Marketing Analysis
Fizziology digs into marketing campaigns – on either an ongoing basis or at key points in time – to help marketers understand what is working and what is not. More than just data, Fizziology provides insights and recommendations to make marketing connect better.

Concept and Casting Positioning
We measure the audience around intellectual property, a particular actor, or even just subject matter to help craft positioning. Understanding audience reactions can help provide a strong marketing platform before dollars are committed. 

Digital Content and Social Media Management
For select entertainment properties and A-list talent, Fizziology takes the relationship one step further to create content strategy and execute digital and social campaigns based on research insights. 

Audience Insights and Trend Spotting
We create trend reports tailored to specific audiences so marketers can understand what is happening in social media with their target markets – and what it means to them.




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